Thursday, January 21, 2021

Caller concerned about kids and duckling

| May 7, 2020 1:00 AM

Someone told the Kalispell Police Department about two juveniles who were seen picking up a baby duck. The caller ended up being referred to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks regarding wildlife harassment.

A Kalispell man said he “felt very threatened” by a dog that charged him, even though he wasn’t bitten or hurt. He warned he believed he might “have to shoot the dog.” Law enforcement contacted the dog’s owner and warned her that her neighbors “do have a right to defend themselves” if the dog is threatening people while running loose.

A property owner said her bushes were stolen before she could plant them. The woman had surveillance footage on the side of her house where her rose bush and another bush went missing.

A man was dropped off at a residence by his mother and he proceeded to be “confrontational” and yell at the staff there. He was counseled and eventually calmed down.

A regular customer at a store tried to return a laptop box to the business, but it had a DVD player inside instead of the computer.

A neighbor was reportedly “yelling and cussing at children,” but when law enforcement drove through the neighborhood “all was quiet.”

A woman claimed her neighbors were “harassing and stalking her.” She was apparently “yelling and screaming” on the phone and her complaint was deemed to be unfounded.

An “unwanted vagrant” at a location reportedly “head-butted” the homeowner.

A woman believed she could hear her car being driven by someone who was unauthorized to use the vehicle. She believed someone had taken her vehicle, even though it had a “loud exhaust, cracked windshield” and the trunk didn’t latch.

A party-pooper was upset when she heard “loud music and yelling” coming from a residence one block north of her location. The disturbance, which she called “party noise,” apparently went on for one hour.

A woman believed she was being followed by a car that seemed to be pursuing her for a week. She said she parked at a business and then moved her car around a few times, but her pursuer kept moving their car to park right next to her in each new spot. However, it was reported the suspicious car had actually been parked in the same place for many hours.

A man said that another man was intoxicated and confrontational, but the caller was reluctant to answer the dispatcher’s questions. Later he said the angry man tried to fight him and his friends and pushed him into a wall. The intoxicated man was located and eventually walked home.

A cleaner left his business and noticed a vehicle parked by a dumpster. He requested extra patrol in the area.