Thursday, January 21, 2021

Online dating app was a scam

| May 8, 2020 1:00 AM

A Whitefish man told the Whitefish Police Department he was using a dating app to talk to an alleged woman in Billings, but then he got a call from someone claiming to be a Billings police officer who told him the woman was underage. The supposed police officer told the man he needed to pay $200 for counseling to avoid jail time since he had exchanged photos with the girl. After paying the $200, he learned this was a phone scam.

A person at City Beach in Whitefish needed help getting a deer out of a fence.

Someone was upset because a vehicle was parked in a “pedestrian alley.”

There was a poodle on the loose on Columbia Avenue in Whitefish but the owner apprehended the dog.

A woman said her son took her vehicle without permission but she didn’t want to report the vehicle as stolen.

A customer was banned from a store after he started acting “bizarre and aggressive.” He then made “vague threats” toward an employee.

A woman said there were two fraudulent attempts to use her identity to apply for credit cards. She asked for her card to be frozen.

A man found a phone in the road near a fitness center and wanted to turn it in to the police. He believed it was an iPhone, but he wasn’t sure.

A security worker at a medical facility pulled children out of a car because he was worried about how hot they would be. When law enforcement showed up the children’s mother had returned.

A man said he found “something” at recently burned-down restaurant and he was convinced it belonged to a Whitefish resident.

A woman bought a new vehicle and then asked WPD about the “legality of driving the vehicle to work” without registering it. She said she couldn’t afford to register the vehicle but she was informed she shouldn’t drive an unregistered vehicle. She apparently wasn’t satisfied with this answer and she refused to provide her address or name because she didn’t “want to get in trouble.”

A woman said her marijuana-smoking neighbors were “are at it again.” She reported, “the pot smell is so thick in the bathroom that you can’t breathe.” She said she confronted her neighbors and they left.

A man was removed from a train and he was suspected of possibly being “high on drugs.”