Thursday, January 21, 2021

Lucky duck gets hit but flies away

| May 9, 2020 1:00 AM

A woman called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office after she saw a vehicle hit a duck. The duck was moved to the grass on the side of the road and it was seen “just lying there.” However, the voicemail box was full when an officer tried to call back someone identified as “the bird lady” about the incident. An officer then tried to approach the bird but it “flew off into the morning air.”

Someone else said they captured a duck and ducklings on their property and didn’t know what to do with the animals.

A woman said someone “just walked up to [her] front door, knocked on the door [and] then got into her boyfriend’s vehicle and left.”

A woman said her girlfriend physically threw her out of the house and she didn’t have anywhere to stay. She also added all of her belongings were in the girlfriend’s residence.

A man said he and his girlfriend were out for a drive when a car started following them and accused them of stealing the driver’s truck.

A Minnesota woman was apparently “ranting” to the dispatcher, wanting information about her children and their father, who has a Lake County address. The dispatcher explained they couldn’t give out personal details and they advised the woman to pursue the issue in civil court.

Someone used a blow torch to break into storage containers on multiple occasions.

A woman complained about three separate dogs she said were bothering her and infringing on her property.

A neighbor was upset because trees had fallen on a house and a deck, but when the complainant tried to get his neighbor to clean them up he learned the property owner had not been there in 15 years and he now lives in Texas.

Someone spotted a “suspicious package on the side of the road.” It turned out the “package” was a garbage bin with a dead skunk inside.

A vehicle was discovered in the woods on U.S. Forest Service Land but it appeared the car had been in the location for “a couple years.”

A man said his ex-girlfriend was “blasting stuff” on social media about the man’s “work and personal life.”

A property owner in California said she had a problem with squatters in her Flathead Valley property.

A man said his ex-wife refused to turn over his stimulus check.