Thursday, January 21, 2021

Man hit in the head by frying pan

| May 10, 2020 1:00 AM

A man allegedly threatened to kill a woman who hit him in the head with a frying pan. He purportedly proceeded to start a fire outside with a “tank” of gasoline and she locked him out. Kalispell Fire Department was told to stand down when Kalispell Police Department established the fire was contained in a firepit.

Someone reportedly told officers that a man’s buttocks were “hanging out of his pants.” He eventually pulled his pants up.

Officers made contact with the driver of a truck who reportedly agreed to slow down after he was seen speeding through a neighborhood and running through a stop sign.

A man in an SUV allegedly hit two people and took off toward U.S. 93. A crying woman reportedly said the man was older, possibly 60.

An assistant manager allegedly pulled video footage for police regarding a shoplifter who took pills and an electric shaver.

Someone supposedly saw a man dragging a “super skinny” puppy by the collar in a “choking-like manner.”

A woman who blew through a stop sign had the audacity to honk at another driver and take photos of their vehicle then headed southbound on U.S. 93.

An employee on East Idaho allegedly sold alcohol to a customer who passed it to another male and they went behind a building and started drinking.

A woman reportedly thought she heard gunshots and saw five “younger people” running around screaming, “I can’t believe you did that. Let’s get out of here.” This purportedly led her to believe a neighbor’s residence south of her was being robbed. Officers made contact with a neighbor out in his yard who reportedly didn’t hear anything.

A man wearing a black hoodie purportedly “walked right against” a woman’s windows and through her yard. The man then supposedly continued walking through other people’s yards and looking in the windows.