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Man’s light bulb moment not so bright

| May 11, 2020 1:00 AM

Kalispell Police Department received a report that a man was purportedly smoking meth out of a light bulb and arguing with a maintenance man after being asked to leave.

A disoriented man with a Mohawk allegedly honked a vehicle horn and proceeded to kick a window out, then went inside a house.

A man carrying a plastic bag was reportedly hanging around the back of a store yelling obscenities and running.

A man allegedly raised his fists to someone and threatened to “get even.”

A man claimed he almost got into a fight with a man who started yelling at him after he asked them to turn the volume down in their vehicle. He was also reportedly upset about the activity around his residence in addition to cars leaking oil “and other stuff.”

A very intoxicated man purportedly wandered onto golf course property and said he was from Butte and was trying to get to Billings. The employee who called in the report allegedly said the belligerent man, who was escorted to Lawrence Park, “was not right in the head.”

Someone complained that six or more revelers were yelling, playing loud music, running around, being noisy and possibly drinking alcohol in a parking lot on Main Street. The complainer wanted an officer to move them along. The group reportedly told officers they would turn the music down.

A man, who was possibly under the influence, was reportedly trying to break into a shed while two other men hung out by an abandoned vehicle.

A fence in an alley between a church and a residence had allegedly been kicked apart and a sleeping bag, soda cans and other items found nearby.

A man wanted an officer to meet him at a store where he was going to return a phone to someone. The man reportedly had initially picked up the phone after a drunk man dropped it.