Thursday, January 21, 2021

Bison take detour on local road

| May 14, 2020 1:00 AM

Six to eight bison were reported to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office after being spotted on a roadway. They were rounded up.

A “deceased cat” was spotted on a roadway and cars were swerving to avoid it, but it turned out to be a skunk.

Four horses were also seen running on a road. They reportedly seemed “agitated.”

A man was apparently hearing voices and ended up going to the hospital. After being released, he couldn’t remember where he had parked his car. His mother said she would drive him around to look for it.

A woman called about her neighbor, who allegedly parks in her driveway, makes noise and wakes up her child. It turned out his vehicle had already been removed from her driveway by the time she called law enforcement, and she confessed she “mainly wanted to vent.”

An umpire office at a park was broken into, but there was no clear call whether anything had been stolen.

A homeowner wanted to report tree damage from a neighbor’s yard.

Someone was upset about “neighbors working on cars in the street.”

A neighbor who apparently collects money from the neighborhood for road maintenance yelled at a resident and used curse words in front of her children. The victim of the yelling said she was “verbally attacked.”

A man known as “the black wolf” was repeatedly contacting a woman over social media even after she had blocked him on multiple sites.

Two dogs—a black Lab and a “little blue heeler”—were reportedly “chasing people and trying to get through fences.”

A man who “didn’t appear to be a resident in the area” and “looked concerning” was allegedly seen going through mailboxes in a neighborhood.

Someone might have jumped to conclusions when they reported a driver who was allegedly “slumped over the wheel” of a car in a church parking lot. They didn’t stop and couldn’t tell the gender of the driver, and law enforcement learned it was just someone making a phone call and they had no emergency.

A woman who was reportedly “wearing a dog bed around her” was making guests uncomfortable in a greenhouse and she was asked to leave.

A man called for the second week in a row about a vehicle supposedly blocking an alley. However, there turned out to be ample room for others to get through the alley, and the driver of the parked car had apparently been given permission to park there by a deputy. The caller was informed of the situation.