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Election mail bag May 16

| May 16, 2020 1:00 AM

Mark Noland is a representative that the citizens of the Bigfork can trust and be proud of. A very rare treasure, indeed. In this day and age of hyper-partisan politics, you’re blessed to have such solid representation. Mark is not only an incredibly kind, sincere and genuine person, but he’s also honest, competent and committed to the job of supporting the Constitutions that we, as legislators take an oath to uphold.

There’s an old saying that goes “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” There’s nothing to fix about the manner in which Mark represents Bigfork. You’d be hard pressed to find better representation, anywhere. Mark does an outstanding job of researching an issue, collecting facts and evidence, and gathering the input of his constituents before making a decision on matters concerning the district he represents. The citizens of HD 10 will be well-served to send Mark back to the Capitol to continue representing them in the exceptional manner that they have become accustomed.

Vote for Mark Noland for HD10.

—Rep. Theresa Manzella, R-Hamilton

I’ve had the honor of working with both Lt. Governor Mike Cooney, who is running for governor, and Casey Schreiner, his running mate when I served in the state Legislature. There are no two people better qualified to take over leadership of the state from our current Gov. Steve Bullock.

I’ve looked up to Mike as a role model in public service. Like me, he served in the Legislature at a young age and he’s served Montanans with integrity ever since. As a former legislator, secretary of state, and now lieutenant governor, Mike knows how to get things done by bringing people together and coming up with Montana-made solutions without compromising our Democratic values.

With Casey Schreiner, who is a former school teacher, union member and House Democrat leader, by Mike’s side, this team has the experience and the record to hit the ground running on day one. Now more than ever, we need tested leadership in Helena to guide our state and its people through unprecedented and unknown times. Vote Mike Cooney and Casey Schreiner for Governor and Lt. Governor.

—Rep. Jacob Bachmeier, D-Havre

For 16 years Helena Democrats have controlled our state with many state agencies having little if any accountability. Recent examples of overreach by Fish Wildlife and Parks has made it increasingly clear that these bureaucrats don’t work for us, and hardly have our best interest at heart.

Governor appointees on the Wildlife Commission have proposed an end to shoulder season driving a wedge between landowners, sportsman, and FWP. Not only is this a vital tool for the management of our wildlife population, but it also has been supported by Republicans and Democrats alike.

Even more recently the FWP has changed their position on free-roaming bison. Despite the fact that this policy is pretty much universally rejected among Montanans, FWP has elected to support out of state interests like the American Prairie Reserve, that has proven itself to be hostile toward Montana values and agriculture.

This year, we have a tremendous opportunity to take back the Governor’s Office, and by extension, rein in these departments that have run with little oversight the past 16 years. For that reason, we need to have a governor who will not only defend Montana values and our way of life but will also get our state government back to working for Montanans. Greg Gianforte is the man for the job.

—Rep. Kerry White, R-Bozeman

While serving on the school board and working in the past legislatures on various education issues, Bruce Tutvedt and I did not always see eye to eye. But over the years I have come to respect his perspective. He grasps complicated the complicated picture, but his decisions will always be based on what is good for the whole state.

He is an ethical and straight-forward candidate, and he listens. We can use more like him in the state Legislature. Voting for Bruce will be a vote for stability and growth for Montana.

—Mary Ruby, Kalispell

To my friends and fellow Veterans, I want you to know I’m supporting Frank Garner for House District 7 and I want you to know why. I’ve known Frank for many years. I’ve always respected his work and service with the Kalispell Police Department, with the hospital, in Afghanistan as a police advisor and in his support of those in our community that are less fortunate.

I have always found that he puts us first and I couldn’t respect him more for it. Frank is a man with strong values, leadership and a can-do attitude.

I have been blessed with a chance to help support our veterans and first responders, and I know how hard Frank works to do the same. His dedication to support multiple agencies in the valley and help those in their time of need speaks volumes of what kind of man he is.

His attitude and passion for doing things right for those he represents is refreshing in today’s world. As a kid that grew up in Kalispell, he hasn’t forgotten where he came from and his service to this town spans decades.

His work in the Legislature has proven that he isn’t afraid to take on the bullies or to put in the work to solve our state’s biggest problems. He has dedicated his life to serving others unselfishly.

We are going to need that kind of resume in the next legislative session more than ever. Frank will continue to fight and strongly represent the needs of our area with a passion for protecting our way of life. Growing up here Frank understands the ever changing issues and needs of the people and will work tirelessly to protect our community.

I am asking you to join me in supporting Frank in this election so we can put his experience and leadership to work for our state.

I appreciate Franks work and know without any doubt that he has the best interest of his constituents in all that he does.

—Bill “Cowboy” Miles, Kalispell

It’s time for high-quality representation responsive to Evergreen’s needs. Brian Putnam is a lifelong pro-business, less government conservative. Brian recognizes that because Evergreen doesn’t have a school bus system, we need safe pedestrian routes to schools. Brian Putnam is committed to ensuring every kid has a safe way to get to school and is committed to ensuring small business in Evergreen has the opportunity to thrive with limited government regulation.

If we want good government, we have to elect good people. If you live in Evergreen or North Kalispell, please join me in electing Brian Putnam for House District 9.

—Tammi Fisher, Kalispell

After spending four sessions as a legislator in Helena, I can tell who the genuine conservatives are. There are important factors that make up a good conservative such as ethics, principles, experience, pro-life values and fiscal responsibility. In the Republican primary for state auditor, there is only one candidate that can check all of those boxes.

Scott “Tux” Tuxbury is who I’m choosing to endorse because he is the conservative choice for state auditor. Tux has more than 40 years of experience that relates directly to the Auditor’s position and his record as a businessman demonstrates his fiscal responsibility. He has spent years working to ensure we have better insurance choices and also helping our lawmakers with policy, in Helena. There is no learning curve for him in terms of what the office is asking for.

Tux is also the only candidate dedicated to serving the full term for this position. He’s not interested in any other role and will be dedicated to Montanans—not campaigning for the next job. He knows the law, he knows the industry, and he knows what consumers and businesses need.

Vote for experience, honesty, dedication, and ethics. Vote Scott “Tux” Tuxbury for Montana state auditor.

—Rep. Carl Glimm, R-Kila

David Dunn for House District 9 is very worthy of support this June in the primary election. David has proven himself as a real leader in his support of our Second Amendment rights, the rights of the elderly and for the life of the unborn, by both his words and his actions (which we all know speak loudest!).

David’s opponent has already expressed words that do not support life and who knows then how far his actions would take him, should he be elected? David has a lot of common sense, is very level-headed and has an “even keel” personality and that is so desperately needed these days. We encourage you to vote for life and liberty and common sense and vote for David Dunn this primary election in June.

—Steve and Julie Martin, Kalispell