Thursday, January 21, 2021

Man complains about loud youths

| May 18, 2020 1:00 AM

A man reportedly wanted Kalispell Police Department to tell “extremely loud kids,” who were screaming and playing basketball on a court in front of his house, to go home because his young children were trying to sleep and said there was a curfew.

Someone allegedly told police they constantly find needles that have been tossed over their fence and had a new batch for officers to collect. Their location was added to a list for extra patrol.

A man with a gun in his belt allegedly walked up to another man’s vehicle and said he would kill him if he didn’t leave his girlfriend alone.

Someone allegedly heard an engine revving and saw a truck doing doughnuts in the back of a park, possibly on the grass. The truck was reportedly joined by a car and both headed southbound on Main.

Someone claimed there was a group of possibly six teens coming and going from several apartments in a complex where they didn’t reside. The person advised police that people had attempted to break into cars in the parking lot the previous night.

A person reportedly shined a flashlight into someone’s house from an alley and kept going in and out of a 10th Avenue West residence. Officers saw a vehicle in a driveway, but no one outside the residence, or in the alley.

A customer allegedly saw a man hold his dog in the air by the collar in a parking lot.

A possibly intoxicated man allegedly kicked a boy, who appeared to be 4 years old, in the head at a playground.

A man in a vehicle allegedly threatened to shoot someone and brandished a weapon before driving away onto Airport Road.

A person with pink hair and white makeup was reportedly standing in front of a business asking for money, or a ride home, and refused to leave when asked by staff. An employee told police that customers wouldn’t come in the building while the person remained.

A man allegedly thought three to four people hopped a fence into his backyard and possibly kicked his dog. The man could reportedly see the people moving around with night vision goggles and believed they headed into another yard accessed off Eighth Avenue East.