Thursday, January 21, 2021

Man stranded under the influence

| May 19, 2020 1:00 AM

A man on Haven Drive in Kalispell purportedly called Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to tell them he was drunk, sitting on the side of the road, couldn’t get a hold of any taxis and had no friends to call and give him a ride home. Dispatchers told him they don’t provide a taxi service and he reportedly said he understood that, but he didn’t know what to do because he was very intoxicated. He was eventually picked up by his father.

A man allegedly called deputies from the hospital to report a man smashing him twice with a glass bottle in Coram.

A Valley View Court resident in Kalispell reportedly saw two items fall out of a passenger plane that flew over his home.

About eight to 10 cows that purportedly discovered greener pastures in a woman’s yard on Montana 35 in Bigfork, were getting closer to the road, worrying her. Officers contacted the owner who reportedly said the cows were back in their pasture and he would get more supplies to fix a fence.

An Ashley Drive resident in Kalispell alleged someone was dumping fill on his property.

A woman on U.S. 2 in Kalispell reportedly fled a store with a basket full of stolen items and jumped into a vehicle, which drove away.

Someone allegedly found a cash register drawer and then, the cash register itself.

A neighbor was reportedly “trying to start another fight” on Conrad Drive in Kalispell when he was reportedly getting in someone’s face. Law enforcement reportedly advised a woman and a man “to call it a night and stay inside for the rest of the night.” A man on Edgewood Drive in Whitefish purportedly thought he may have been assaulted when he found himself on the floor with a bloody cut on the back of his head during a party last Friday. The man allegedly said he stepped in a slippery substance, went inside, took his shoes off, closed the door, and woke up in his living room with his head hurting and injured. Deputies reportedly determined the description was consistent with having falling and there was no reason to suspect foul play at this time.

A woman driving a vehicle headed southbound toward Somers on U.S. 93 was reportedly being hit by a male passenger who was trying to open the car door in addition to throwing items out of it. Officers made contact with the woman who claimed they were having an argument and he was hitting the car, not her, and asking to get out and walk. Parties were counseled.