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Woman missing lug nuts might have a screw loose

| May 23, 2020 1:00 AM

A woman told the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office someone had intentionally loosened the lug nuts on her vehicle. She suspected it had happened when she was at a Columbia Falls bar the night before, but she also identified her neighbor as her top suspect, even though she wasn’t sure if the neighbor had been present at the bar at the time. She explained she “doesn’t pay attention to things around her.” She wanted her report logged in case she was able to secure video footage of “the things that have been happening to her,” although she could not elaborate on what these things were.

A woman claimed her intoxicated brother repeatedly threatened to “beat her up,” but she refused to answer the dispatcher’s questions and hung up on the dispatcher multiple times. Law enforcement arrived on the scene, determined her claims were unfounded and took her to Kalispell Regional Medical Center for a mental health evaluation.

A woman told law enforcement her roommate wouldn’t leave the residence, but then the roommate could be heard packing her bags and unloading her rifle in the background.

A female driver said a male driver tried to run her off the road. When she pulled over the angry driver got out of his car, kicked her vehicle and told her to “keep going.”

A man found a bullet hole in his truck and suspected law enforcement had targeted him. He warned officers he is “always armed” and “will protect [him]self at all costs from anyone, including law enforcement.” He didn’t want to make a report because he was worried “it might leak to whomever may be stalking him.” He realized the bullet hole could have accidentally come from someone shooting on state land where he parks, and he also admitted he had been diagnosed with “extreme paranoia.”

A caller reported a driver for “passing unsafely” at an intersection that doesn’t exist. When dispatchers informed him of this reality, he said, “fine, hopefully he doesn’t kill anyone” and disconnected.

A “19-month-old baby” locked himself in a room and his mother wanted firefighters to come get him out. FCSO dispatchers explained the fire department probably wouldn’t respond if the child was uninjured, but they could send law enforcement. The mother said, “never mind” and disconnected when she heard this, but then a dispatcher called her back and advised her to try sliding a credit card in the door, which worked. The child turned out to be fine.

A large pile of trash was spotted on the side of a highway.

A man and a woman were fighting at a camper because the woman lost her cigarettes and purse. She hit the man with a stick and approached him with a razor knife.