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Caller needs to know: What is going on?

| May 27, 2020 1:00 AM

A man called the the Columbia Falls Police Department on behalf of his wife, who wanted “to know what’s going on.”

A “light-colored” Yorkie went missing in Columbia Falls.

Protestors at a business on 9th Street in Columbia Falls were reported to the police for “walking onto the property” and “hav[ing] their stuff on the grass.” They were also asked not to talk to customers in vehicles, even though the protestors said the customers were “waving them over to talk.”

An inebriated man, approximately in his 60s, fell outside a bar and hurt his head. A bar employee said he had “just a goose egg” and he refused medical treatment.

A different intoxicated person called the police, believing they were her doctor, because she wanted “to make sure her dog is taken care of.” She apparently wasn’t making much sense on the phone, but was convinced she was “going to die in a couple of hours.” However, she refused medical help or an ambulance. Officers made contact with her and her husband picked up the dog.

Another woman fell on a trail in Columbia Falls and repeatedly called the police to say, “hello, I need help,” before disconnecting. Eventually she made it safely home.

Two men got into a fight and then one of them proceeded to stand outside and flip off the other one. They agreed to separate themselves and one of them decided to head to his father’s residence in Olney.

A woman fell off a golf cart at her home and cut her hand, but she refused an offer of an ambulance.

A woman found a loose Malamute running in traffic but she couldn’t catch it until she gave it some of her cookies. Then it was returned to its owners.

A man said he was trying to figure out if his wife’s wallet, which had $800 in cash inside, was lost or stolen. It apparently went missing when she left it in her running vehicle with the windows down while she was in a laundromat. Her husband said he tried to get video footage from the laundromat but “they won’t deal with him.”

A driver was upset about a traffic light outage in Columbia Falls. He stated he was almost hit due to a light being out, and he said “traffic…is not paying attention and just pulling out in front of vehicles.”

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