Saturday, November 28, 2020

Police deal with unusual blockade at vets home

| November 6, 2020 12:00 AM

Someone called the Columbia Falls Police Department to report a transient man had blocked the entrance to the Montana Veterans Home with a mattress. When an officer spoke to the man he said he hadn’t done anything and it was probably some kids on bikes who did it. There were also traffic cones moved to block the entrance. The debris was removed and he was moved along.

A woman’s daughter said she received an email that appeared to have been sent to her entire class. The email seemed to be suspicious and the woman wanted to speak to police about it. Her questions were answered.

A caller reported hearing a woman yell “Don’t hurt me.” The man was telling her to shut up. When an officer spoke to the woman she reported her dad and boyfriend had argued and the boyfriend left the apartment. She said she was fine.

A man reported two diesel heaters were missing.

A delivery guy accidentally set off an alarm at a bar and grill.

Two men were told to stay off BNSF Railway property.

A caller said a black bear was in his neighborhood during the last few days trying to get into his bird feeders. An officer told him to leave the bear alone unless it became aggressive and then he should call.

Someone reported a man on a bike in their neighborhood. He was not involved with anything.

A jogger said she was going to stay with an injured deer until it was moved and she wanted it treated with respect.

Another caller was upset about a dead deer in the park and she tried to drag it to the river so other animals wouldn’t get to it.

Someone called the Kalispell Police Department to report a drug deal at a laundromat. The person said they’d call back if they returned.

A man sitting on a park bench accidentally called 911.

A woman came to the lobby to report she lost her wallet on Halloween.