Saturday, November 28, 2020

Shopper inadvertently leaves meth in store

| November 7, 2020 12:00 AM

A store employee called the Kalispell Police Department to report finding methamphetamine that had been dropped by a customer. An officer picked up the drugs for disposal.

House cleaners weren’t sure how to reset the burglary alarm after it was activated.

A caller reported a man sitting in a black truck drinking beer.

A man without a mask came into a business and refused to wear one. He later was moved along.

Someone reported to police a registered event for an election party would probably go until midnight.

An upstairs neighbor was alone and yelling and screaming about killing people and other satanic things. An officer spoke to both parties about the ongoing issue and told them to keep it down.

A woman said her neighbor was getting beat up by her dad. He came out to yell at the caller as she tried to hear what was happening. She didn’t want to be involved because the man already doesn’t like her family.

A mother called because her son was out of control; he had been drinking and threatening to kill his 23-year-old son. The enraged man was outside of the home and trying to break the door down. Fortunately he stopped and went to the backyard. A woman called back after officers told the man to stay in his truck and sleep it off. He returned to pounding on the front door and looking in the windows. When officers returned the matter was resolved and no one wished to pursue charges.

A man called to report finding scratches on his truck and the hood not closing correctly after he returned home from having dinner.

Someone reported a transient on his property and he wanted to make sure the man had left after the landlord told him to leave. The officer made sure the man was moved along.

An employee reported a man in a black trench coat with a German shepherd dog entered a room, but he wasn’t welcome. The caller wanted the man removed and permanently banned from the property.

Someone said a man wearing a black leather coat and black hat threatened him at the store. He was sent on his way.

A 911 call resulted when a person walking and listening to an audiobook tried to turn up the volume and hit the power button one too many times.