Saturday, November 28, 2020

Alleged poisoning part of 'rough night'

| November 10, 2020 12:00 AM

An agitated man was apparently “yelling about dead people,” according to a call to the Kalispell Police Department. He also said he and his father were poisoned as a part of the deadly plot, but no proof emerged about any actual poisoning taking place. The man was reportedly, “just having a rough night.”

A protective property owner alleged a driver had parked illegally and caused damage to his yard. However, an officer who investigated determined it was actually a legal parking job. Nearby construction work had obscured the curb from the driver’s view, the officer explained, and the construction was also the cause of the damage to the caller’s yard.

A woman who appeared to be homeless was spotted “screaming obscenities to herself.”

A woman with a temporary restraining order against her ex-boyfriend was reportedly posting “untrue and misleading comments” about her former partner, according to the man himself. He looked into starting the process to get a reciprocal temporary restraining order against the woman.

A tall, slender pedestrian was spotted standing in an intersection. He was also reported as pushing a “shopping cat,” which turned out to be a shopping cart.

A woman wanted advice on what to do about her husband, who had apparently gone drinking and driving every night of the past week.

Two teenaged girls were scared because they thought someone was in their house or their yard. They told officers they didn’t want to call their mom because she “was out getting drunk and she wouldn’t understand.” Officers checked the property and reported there was nothing out of the ordinary.

Someone used bolt cutters to steal a bicycle and the bike owner said she was so “shaky” from the trauma of the theft that she didn’t want law enforcement to come to her door to speak to her afterward.