Saturday, November 28, 2020

Dog and jogger accidentally veer into crowd

| November 11, 2020 12:00 AM

A jogger reportedly was pulled by her dog and ran into a crowd of protesters blocking a sidewalk, which caused an elderly man to fall and hit his head by Depot Park. The person who reported the incident to the Kalispell Police Department claimed she “deliberately ran into the ground to shove people and make a political point.” Officers looked at video footage and it appeared the dog split from the woman and she got tangled up with the leash and dog and they didn’t believe there was any criminal intent.

A mother and her son were sitting in a car in front of a casino when a man they didn’t know stumbled out of the building, looked at them angrily, banged on the hood of his truck, stumbled into their car, crawled into his truck and tapped on the window with a handgun, then pointed it at them. The son reportedly said the man, who appeared highly intoxicated, “was lucky he was in a good mood,” while the mother was concerned the man might do harm based on his behavior.

A passerby spotted a chubby cinnamon-colored dog running around.

Someone was given permission to tow a vehicle with a broken window that allegedly had been abandoned in front of an office facing U.S. 93 for four days.

A woman trying to leave a location alleged her sister was throwing small items at her and her child.

A woman was suspicious of a man who pulled up in a parking spot adjacent to hers with his vehicle lights turned off and sat there holding a camera. He then got out and appeared to take photos before getting back into his vehicle and moving closer to hers. When she drove away he reportedly began following her, and then passed her.

An angry teen allegedly started breaking windows and his mother’s phone because she found marijuana pipes in his vehicle that were turned over to police.