Thursday, November 26, 2020

Letters to the editor Nov. 16

| November 16, 2020 12:00 AM

It’s about patriotic responsibility

Dear Neighbor. It is time. Time to look beyond identity politics, time to lose the anger and bitterness — and start caring about your friends and neighbors. It is time to believe in science. It is time to wear a mask.

Our businesses need you. Thousands of business owners around our valley are open but they want their employees to have a safe working environment. They ask you for your help.

Our schools need you. I am a teacher. You asked schools to be open so your kids don’t have to learn at home and our community could get back to work. Educators are doing everything we can to stay open. But we are losing the battle. We ask for your help.

Our doctors and nurses need you. Our health care providers are ringing alarm bells. They are pleading with our county to do its part. They need your help.

Our precious elderly residents need you. They deserve our concern and respect. They are becoming frightened to go out in our community. This virus may not be that deadly for you, but it is for them. They beseech you to help.

How can you help? Simple. Believe the health experts — just like we believe experts like cardiologists, electricians, or golf pros. Why do we trust these people? Because they are experts. Infectious disease experts around the world agree — we can slow the spread of Covid-19 by washing hands, watching distance, and wearing a mask.

If you still refuse to wear a mask — search your heart. This is not about constitutional rights, it’s about patriotic responsibilities. It’s about friends and neighbors. It’s about the elderly, educators, healers and helpers. So please, look inside yourself and see if you can answer the call to love thy neighbor.

—Matt Ford, Columbia Falls