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Woman salvages caramel corn boxes

| November 16, 2020 12:00 AM

A woman out for a walk with her pets reportedly sniffed out two boxes of caramel corn stacked behind garages and thought they were stolen. She took the boxes into her apartment and told the Kalispell Police Department she wanted them “returned to their rightful owner.” The boxes appeared to be food donated to a local nonprofit.

Someone seen slumped over a steering wheel at Woodland Park told officers they were just taking a “little siesta.”

A homeless man wearing two different types of shoes was allegedly flipping off employees and cussing at customers.

Someone reportedly stole a woman’s license plates but took the time to replace all the screws.

A neighbor purportedly calling “on behalf of everyone on the street” told officers that vehicles had been driving onto a cul-de-sac and sitting there with their lights off on a nightly basis over the course of a week. The caller tried to get photos of the vehicles and requested extra patrol.

A resident reportedly let a homeless “gentleman” stay at his residence on the condition he pay him $200 out of his first paycheck but he only paid $150, so the resident wanted him gone. The resident was counseled about the civil matter.

Someone’s “ex-father” was allegedly following them to work.

Teen drivers were reportedly driving recklessly, sliding on ice, spinning brodies and almost hit a woman in her driveway. The woman said the teens drove older trucks and hung out in a grocery store parking lot and littered.

An apartment dweller claimed an entire floor in the building smelled like a dead body.

A man called officers out of breath after reportedly being punched and pushed to the ground. He allegedly had approached a group of six to seven people he didn’t recognize, wanting to know why they were hanging out in the parking lot of an apartment complex.

Someone thought they heard thumping and pounding sounds and what sounded like a woman getting beaten up in an apartment. When officers arrived all was quiet and the person wasn’t sure where the noise came from, but it could have been kids playing video games.

A man told officers he walks in the park every morning and on this particular day found “a bunch of little garbage cans knocked over by a fox,” so he cleaned up the trash.

Medical marijuana was reported stolen from a vehicle.