Thursday, November 26, 2020

Patient’s sister makes dubious delivery

| November 21, 2020 12:00 AM

According to a call to the Kalispell Police Department, a woman’s sister delivered her a backpack full of meth and heroin while she was a patient at an institution.

An electric saw was reported as stolen.

An employee heard a car alarm going off and asked law enforcement to investigate. The people who had set off the car alarm said the vehicle belonged to their mother, but the caller wasn’t sold on that explanation. It turned out the vehicle really did belong to the suspicious people’s mother, who also worked with the caller, so she canceled her request for law enforcement.

A shoplifter lost more than she gained when she was caught in the act, forbidden from returning to the store and left her purse behind in the location.

A driver said she accidentally clipped a pedestrian with her car mirror because he was walking in the street. The pedestrian said he was OK, but he asked the driver for money to make up for the incident. The woman said she “felt uncomfortable with the situation” and called the police, which caused the man to leave the area.

A nervous neighbor called the KPD because he thought some seemingly shady characters were trying to break into a car and possibly steal a car seat. He said he couldn’t provide any further information about the vehicle or the suspects, and he apparently “became hostile” with the dispatcher who asked for those details. It turned out the subjects were locked out of their own vehicle.

A black bear ran through a dog park in Kalispell.

There was a vehicle on a property that reportedly hadn’t moved in almost a week. While the caller was on the phone to report the vehicle, someone got into the vehicle and drove away.