Saturday, November 28, 2020

Letters to the editor Nov. 22

| November 22, 2020 12:00 AM

Thankful for help from My Glacier Village

I recently had a knee replacement and chose North Valley Hospital because of the Robot Guided surgery. I am thankful for the skilled hands of Dr. Joyce, too.

North Valley’s architecture is incredible, uplifting and definitely Northwest. But the care I received there is by far the best. The nurses were so caring, and when it came time for me to transition to my home, everything was set up; physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc. And the food was so good. North Valley’s cook would do well in some of the finest restaurants.

A My Glacier Village volunteer brought me home from the hospital. I can’t say enough about this Seniors Helping Seniors Organization. Volunteers have taken me to appointments and brought my groceries to me, and the one volunteer even put them away. Weekly walks at the mall, informative gatherings (before Covid) and sharing of crafts, books, medicare assistance, and just plain old companionship. Members caring for one another and making that person’s life brighter.

I started with My Glacier Village as a volunteer and transferred to a member needing assistance. Once I’m able I will go back to volunteering again. My Glacier Village has organizations in other areas such as Boston and California cities; so we are very fortunate to have this wonderful organization in Kalispell, and reaching out to Bigfork, Whitefish, Columbia Falls, and the small communities close by. If you are interested in assistance with errands, lite help in the home, maybe some maintenance or yard help My Glacier Village has the volunteers to help. Their web site with contact information is

—Grace Larson, Kalispell

Accolades for local health care providers

I have worked in four different hospitals in past decades, but just in the past months, due to an emergency and needing rehabilitation, I have become familiar with Kalispell Regional Healthcare and now Brendan House. I have been a patient in its extension Bigfork Medical Center as well, and have been impressed with all.

I have found the hospital staff, nurses, doctors and everyone, as a patient- to be excellent, well-trained and kind.

In all my years working in the medical profession, I can honestly say I have never before experienced personnel as fine as these in Kalispell.

All of the ladies and gentlemen I have met are service oriented, very kind and generous-each of you deserve the highest accolades!

Kalispell Regional Healthcare, Brendan House and Bigfork Medical Center in my opinion are the Three Diamonds of the Rockies.”

—Hazel W Goosey, Kalispell

Where are the leaders?

Where are the helpers? Mr. Rogers told us to look for them in a crisis, and I’m struggling to find them.

Not from our county, that’s for sure. Our three county commissioners who won’t even wear mandated masks in their meetings and dismiss the advice of doctors, and our county attorney who refuses to enforce mandates. They want schools shuttered and businesses shut down. That’s what will happen if we stay on the course they have set. The Board of Health should be the board of death. Four members there do nothing but spout conspiracy theories, denounce science, and cause division.

Not the hospital. There are a few brave nurses and doctors willing to stick their neck out to save lives, but the hospital leadership seems to have forgotten that the first rule of medicine is “do no harm.” By not speaking out, they are harming this community.

“Come visit a COVID hot spot where we dismiss science and endanger our population!” You would think that slogan would spur the chamber of commerce. Nope. They seem just fine with the valley showing up in embarrassing national news stories.

Flathead Valley, we are better than this. Leaders, you are better than this. We have three upcoming super-spreader events scheduled at the county fairgrounds. Where will the leaders be? There, I’m afraid.

We have a county commissioners’ meeting next week. Make your voice heard and demand action. Lead.

To our kids, schools, and businesses trying to do the right thing, I just want to say I am sorry. You deserve gratitude and you deserve leaders, I offer you gratitude but I am sorry to report that our valley is failing you.

—Sara Busse, Kalispell

Vitamin power

At the top of the fold in the Nov. 10 Daily Inter Lake, is the article, Kalispell long-term care facility sees 40 COVID cases.

According to the article, practices at the facility include screening of all employees and essential visitors daily before entering the facility, training for employees and visitors on how to safely don and doff personal protective equipment and social distancing within the facility. Being a hospital facility, we can suspect that everyone these 40 souls were exposed to was wearing a N95 mask.

This exposes how silly it is when our un-elected authorities order us to wear masks — especially cheap cotton masks. It also shows that masks and social distancing are not the answer to the COVID pandemic.

Maybe now we should open our eyes to the scientific treatment of COVID patients by other sources than the pharmaceutical industry and their wholly owned lackeys in the FDA.

The first thing we should look at is treating Covid-19 sickness with intravenous Vitamin C. According to an article by William F. Simmons and Robert G. Smith, PhD, China has been treating their COVID patients with intravenous Vitamin C since about the middle of February. Since then, as shown their total number of cases and number of deaths has dropped dramatically.

Also, in order to stay out of the hospital, we should increase our Vitamin D levels to at least 30 ng/ml. Dr. Anthony Fauci takes Vitamin D to stay healthy, maybe we should also.

If the health board is really concerned about fending off Covid-19, maybe they should use their dictatorial powers to get the hospital to report the Vitamin C and D levels of those who die from the coronavirus and direct them to administer Vitamin C intravenously and Vitamin D orally to all their patients who they treat for Covid-19. That would do a lot more good than mandating us to wear cloth masks that are minimally effective.

—Jerry O’Neil, Columbia Falls

Democratic process

Dear Senator Daines,

I write to congratulate you on your reelection. Although I supported your opponent, it’s important that we honor the will of Montanans. You’ve won and deserve our recognition. Congratulations!

You now have the opportunity to reciprocate. Please respect the Americans who participated in this month’s election, and those who’ve fought (and died) to preserve our democratic processes, by recognizing the election of Joe Biden as our next president.

To do any less is to be dishonest. Withholding your recognition obstructs our democracy, calls into question your fitness to lead, and threatens the legitimacy of your own election. If we are mature enough to accept Montana’s will in reelecting you, you can and should display your own maturity and integrity by publicly acknowledging America’s election of Joe Biden.

We have elected you to leadership, Senator Daines. Montana and America need leaders who bring us together. I ask that you do so now. Encourage our unity by calling for it. Call for us to support our next administration, and then do it yourself. I know you can…, because we have.

—Kendall Flint, East Glacier Park