Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Thankful for courageous health board members

by Julie Martin
| November 22, 2020 12:00 AM

It never ceases to amaze me the levels people will stoop, in order to maintain a narrative. In the case of COVID-19, the levels appear to be the lowest ever. Even a simple analysis of the data, both from the county health department and even the CDC, completely contradicts what is being stuffed down our throats 24/7/365 both by the media and the fear-mongers on our county health board. But one has to look for it and actually use critical thinking instead of buying into the hype and fear-mongering that are ubiquitous these days.

The idea that the number of “positive cases has skyrocketed” is absolutely ludicrous based on several things: testing of anyone and everyone who has a pulse (many times, testing the same person multiple times); the fact that the COVID virus itself has never actually been isolated, so what exactly is being tested for and the fact that the PCR test, by even the inventor’s own admission, isn’t actually a valid test. Then there is the glaring issue of false positives that no one wants to talk about. I would argue that if we started mass-testing everyone for herpes, our “cases” of herpes would magically increase as well.

And speaking of magical, the COVID-19 virus definitely seems to fit in that category. Imagine a virus that is dependent on height (sitting vs. standing), distance, direction, time of exposure and it has even magically cured the flu. And the virus itself is so deadly, that people need to be tested in order to see if they actually have it.

Then you have individuals like Kerry Nuckles, Deputy Health Officer at Flathead City County Health Department, comparing COVID-19 to Typhoid, using the infamous “Typhoid Mary” as her example of “the cornerstone of epidemiology.”

Do I need to point out to an epidemiologist that comparing the COVID-19 virus to the Typhoid bacteria is a blatant and ridiculous comparison of apples and oranges? First of all, besides the fact that Typhoid is a bacteria, it is a food-borne illness. COVID-19 is allegedly an airborne virus. Second, bacteria and viruses have completely different survival rates, which are dependent on things like surfaces, temperatures, oxygen, etc. Third, bacteria and viruses are treated completely differently, as bacteria respond to things like antibiotics, while antibiotics are useless on viruses.

Thankfully, the courageous women on the health board are actually looking out for the true health and liberty of our community. All four of them heard the same information as the entire board (including the information of those who gave testimony or public comment) and they used their critical thinking skills to vote courageously against further restrictions. I for one, am incredibly thankful for these intelligent, thoughtful and courageous women. Thank you, Commissioner Holmquist, Ms. Larsen, Ms. Skees and Dr. Bukacek.

Julie Martin is a nurse in Kalispell.