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Mom is not taxi service for drunk son

by Daily Inter Lake
| November 23, 2020 12:00 AM

A drunk man with a broken foot allegedly got upset his mom wouldn’t pick him up and was screaming in a parking lot, which prompted someone to call the Kalispell Police Department. He agreed to leave the area and possibly call someone else for a ride.

A man allegedly gave a “street woman” a ride and she took his phone, leaving her own, then took off running. Officers talked with the man who said she gave his phone back, but he couldn’t find his garage door opener and was unsure if she took that too. He requested extra patrol but appeared to be unfamiliar with the area because he insisted he lived at 11th Street South despite being told streets are either east or west.

A man and his brother reportedly noticed a truck parking multiple times near an apartment complex where the driver was watching — and possibly stalking — a woman. The men claimed the driver would also ride by, revving his engine and doing burnouts. Police talked with the woman who confirmed he had been harassing her for awhile, but she had agreed to drop a formal temporary restraining order against him. She was advised to petition for another one.

A truck reportedly pulled out of a parking lot on U.S. 93 South and almost hit a man’s vehicle, so he honked his horn. The man claimed the truck began slamming its brakes, trying to ram into his vehicle, and there was talk about guns.

A man called officers with concerns about people parking vehicles in the lot of an insurance business because they were walking over to a bar and could possibly become “DUI drivers.”

A 7-year-old, who was allegedly playing with a phone while his parents were asleep, called 911 multiple times and hung up on dispatchers who attempted to call back.

A skittish dog with no collar reportedly spent the day running loose in a neighborhood.

Someone, who moved back to town, alleged a woman was threatening their boyfriend and threatening to take “the service dog,” over a roommate situation.

A man’s wallet was stolen and charges made to a credit card. After doing some investigating, the man reportedly discovered the charges were made to a business owned by a man who was at his house on a previous night for a memorial.

A woman purportedly wanted to know about the level of crime in the area she was considering moving to because there was a trailer park that looked “kind of shabby” located next to the house she was thinking of buying.