Thursday, October 29, 2020

Masked driver points gun at people

| October 5, 2020 12:00 AM

A man wearing a hockey mask allegedly drove through a parking lot on Woodland Park Drive pointing a pistol out the window at people. An employee at the location told Kalispell Police Department he used to work there and had damaged vehicles parked there in the past.

Dispatchers reportedly told a belligerent man they were going to disconnect the call when got loud and aggressive while describing how “incredibly angry” and displeased he was about people carrying weapons in Depot Park. He said he felt threatened and didn’t care about “their rights.” He also purportedly didn’t care that Montana is an open carry state, which was explained to him. When the call was disconnected, he called back wanting to talk to a deputy about dealing with the “armed nutsos.”

A man and a woman, who had a holstered gun, were reportedly in front of a monument harassing someone and yelling at them “to get off their street.”

A power line was knocked down across East Oregon Street when a pickup truck hauling a shed on a flatbed trailer reportedly hit it and drove off.

A welfare check was requested for a reportedly intoxicated woman with bottles of alcohol who was sitting in someone’s driveway. She told officers that she “took a wrong turn,” wasn’t sitting on anyone’s lawn and didn’t need assistance.

An assistant manager reportedly requested extra patrol because a vehicle was making customers uncomfortable.

A skinny man with lots of tattoos on his arms allegedly tried to break into her vehicle, but took off toward Eighth Street East when she pushed the panic alarm on her key fob.

A fight allegedly involving 10 people broke out on Woodland Park Drive where people were heard saying they were going to kill each other and a bouncer was chasing a vehicle. The crowd scattered when they heard police sirens.