Thursday, October 29, 2020

Taste test reveals suspicious substance is salt

| October 7, 2020 12:00 AM

A man discovered a discarded backpack and turned it into the Columbia Falls Police Department. He said the backpack contained an “unknown substance,” but his brother tasted the suspicious substance and determined it was salt.

A woman thought her vehicle was stolen and she had an idea of who the suspect could be, but when she got back to her residence the vehicle was there.

A woman wanted the police to do a welfare check on a man she had last spoken to three months earlier. However, she didn’t know her own phone number or the man’s address.

Two teenaged shoplifters were detained in Columbia Falls and then sent back to school.

The owner of a car wash said a female driver hit a new automatic washer at the location and drove off. He asked the police to try to contact the woman by phone before he pursued a complaint against her.

Someone thought a swerving driver might have been falling asleep at the wheel, but then the vehicle turned into a brewery parking lot.

An Arizona woman, who apparently was very hard to understand on the phone, wanted to report a missing 54-year-old man in Columbia Falls because he wasn’t answering his phone.

A chain saw was stolen out of a bedroom.

A woman accidentally called the police because she couldn’t figure out her new phone, and then she wouldn’t answer any questions because she said she couldn’t hear the dispatcher.