Thursday, October 29, 2020

Man with machete chases driver

by Daily Inter Lake
| October 8, 2020 12:00 AM

A man wearing a white hoodie and black gloves and carrying a machete allegedly started running after someone who was driving by. The driver told the Kalispell Police Department they were concerned the machete-wielding man would go after people — who weren’t in vehicles.

Someone went to the police department lobby to report seeing a man punching a woman in a small, parked white car. When they asked her if she needed help she said to call 911, but they didn’t have a cellphone on them. The white car was last seen driving on Second Street West.

A woman allegedly told officers a man was pacing and glaring at her while she crossed a parking lot, then pushed her with a door as she went into a building.

Someone in a blue hatchback reportedly drove by someone selling Trump items and threw a rock at their stand, then turned around to throw another rock.

Someone found a wallet and purse near a highway stoplight and attempted to send a message through social media about it, but didn’t get a reply.

A mischievous boy reportedly knocked on a neighbor’s door throughout the night “to annoy them.” The neighbor was unhappy that the situation kept occurring without consequences and planned to consult with an attorney about the trespassing.

Someone was suspicious of two men who allegedly got out of a vehicle in a back alley and discarded a steering column in a dumpster where they found alcohol containers. The person was concerned they might be drinking and driving in a stolen vehicle.