Thursday, October 29, 2020

Man in drag seeks drinking pals

| October 9, 2020 12:00 AM

Several calls to the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office reported a man dressed as a woman and wearing a blonde wig was going door to door asking if people wanted to have a drink. A license plate check revealed the man had a history of assault with a weapon, theft and traffic offenses. His silver sedan was last seen driving south on the bypass.

A caller residing on Stoner Loop said someone smashed his car window and removed his cellphone and backpack from his red Cadillac. He called back the next day and said he had surveillance video of the incident.

A caller said he had a broken back and was lying in the neighbor’s backyard all night. But then another caller said the man was heavily intoxicated. He was later transported by ambulance.

The sound of a baby talking was the result of an accidental 911 call. A previous call three years ago was for someone locked out of a vehicle. The current call turned out to be kids playing with a cellphone.

A recent quarantine had nothing to do with the coronavirus. A dog who bit someone was released from its period of isolation after it appeared to be OK and had been isolated the required time.

An anonymous caller said two horses appeared to be neglected, not fed and may have been eating their own feces. An investigation determined the animals appeared healthy and the trough contained water.

A caller said a turquoise blue mountain bike was stolen from the yard sometime between late August and September.

A landlord is afraid of his tenants because they are disrespecting him by inviting others to the house. He said the visitors had kicked down his front door. He was seeking a faster way to get them evicted.

A transient man and several of his associates were banned from a location near a cemetery after they started a campfire.

Someone reported finding a $100 counterfeit bill while cleaning up garbage in the ditch near the fish hatchery. The phony bill turned out to be fake play money.

Another errant 911 call was the result of a pocket dial while a woman hiked up Big Mountain.

A man suggested the wording on the side of the patrol vehicles be changed from “professionals in law enforcement” to “serve and protect.”

Some Antelope Trail residents had differing views on the noise caused by a barking canine. When one person called 911 to report the barking, he was told to keep a “bark” log. When the owner called law enforcement, he said he was in Wyoming, but would let his wife know about the complaint. The man said he doesn’t believe his dog is barking excessively and has spoken to his other neighbors about the caller’s complaint.