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Gateway 2 Miracles campaign worthy of support

by Daily Inter Lake
| October 11, 2020 12:00 AM

Northwest Montana United Way recently launched the first phase of a new capital campaign and it’s worthy of your support.

The Gateway 2 Miracles fundraising initiative has a goal of $4.2 million, which will go toward paying off the mortgage at Gateway Community Center, as well as other repairs and upgrades at the center on Kalispell’s west side.

Eliminating the monthly mortgage payment will allow United Way to finally realize the original vision the organization had when it purchased the building in 2015. The idea then was to have many of the valley’s nonprofits operating under one convenient roof, with each rental space tailored to meet the various needs of each organization.

However, some of those projects were sidelined as United Way struggled to keep up with payments and maintenance on the property. Current mortgage payments factor out to about $195,000 per year, with about $2 million left to go.

Taking that payment off the books would allow United Way to focus on its intended purpose as a trusted fundraising arm for area nonprofits.

We’ve been upfront in the past about our concerns regarding trust and transparency at Northwest Montana United Way amid allegations of mismanagement.

But over the past year we’ve seen the board take accountability for past missteps, while putting forth a genuine effort to correct the organization’s course. Enough so that we’re confident in endorsing the group’s first capital campaign in more than a year.

The Daily Inter Lake editorial board has met personally with Northwest Montana United Way Executive Director Roxanna Parker, and she addressed our concerns and questions head on — acknowledging the miscues of the past while setting a clear, realistic vision forward.

We appreciate that transparency — it’s paramount for an organization like Untied Way that is entrusted with dispersing the community’s generous giving.

Please consider supporting the Gateway 2 Miracles campaign — it’s an effort that will help propel United Way back to the strong organization Northwest Montana deserves and our nonprofits need.

For more information on Northwest Montana United Way and the Gateway 2 Miracles campaign, go to or call 406-752-7266.