Thursday, October 29, 2020

Caller insists their apartment exists

| October 12, 2020 12:00 AM

Someone reportedly called Kalispell Police Department complaining that a delivery service told them their apartment didn’t exist, but that the restaurant they ordered from had verified the address. The caller was told there was nothing law enforcement could do about getting their food delivered.

Someone calling from East Oregon Street was sick of a loud and obnoxious man in a trailer who was allegedly acting belligerently to children walking home from school and calling them names and racial slurs. He was counseled about his language.

A woman was allegedly detained by store security on Hutton Ranch Road for stealing socks. This was the second time she had shoplifted from the location. She was issued a citation and released.

A customer stole money from a donation jar.

An employee at a store on U.S. 93 North reportedly had a customer try and return a broken item, but the warranty was expired. The customer got upset and threw the item at him, hitting him in the face.

A skinny man on a bike was reportedly pointing a metal bat at people in a parking lot and trying to follow them. He was last seen on East Montana Street.

Someone showed up at the police department lobby wanting to speak to a shift commander regarding a complaint about an officer and reportedly ended up being flagged for making threats to law enforcement.

An intoxicated woman was reportedly “screaming bloody murder,” on Sixth Avenue West. Officers spoke with the woman who said she was alone and upset because her husband wasn’t home. The man said she was extremely intoxicated and was yelling at him, so he left.

A barefoot woman on East Idaho Street allegedly called police in hysterics, insisting they pick up a dog because it attacked a rabbit and a cat and when she talked to a man about what to do he purportedly said, “Shoot the dog in the head or leave her out in the street.” She then insisted dispatchers stay on the phone until an officer arrived. The dog was taken to the shelter.

A group of teens were reportedly seen walking on the roof of the waterpark building in Woodland Park. Police spoke with one of the teens who denied being on the roof.

A man spooked a babysitter when he was allegedly seen standing outside in the neighbor’s driveway for about 30 minutes and was turning a cellphone flashlight on and off.

A car alarm kept going off, frustrating two different people who called the police. The registered owner was contacted, but he was on a hunting trip and claimed he would contact someone to take care of it.