Thursday, October 29, 2020

Kalispell’s ‘bat man’ has anger issues

| October 13, 2020 12:00 AM

A driver on Airport Road alleged a man brake-checked them and waved them to go around, but then sped up, passing them and threw a bat at their truck, denting the fender. When bat man got out to pick up the weapon, the driver didn’t wait around to see what came next and drove away, later calling the Kalispell Police Department.

A couple of 18- or 19-year-olds were reportedly being “really pushy” in a store and one of them had a loaded shotgun, so someone asked him to leave. After some back and forth, the impertinent teen put the weapon back in his vehicle and came back inside, but the person wanted the Kalispell Police Department to log the incident.

A man and woman were allegedly punching each other in the face and the woman, who was driving, was swerving into oncoming traffic. Officers stopped the vehicle on U.S. 2 and Evergreen Drive where blood was seen on the woman’s lip.

A woman allegedly told police she hit a power pole with her truck over the weekend, but didn’t report it. Her truck was in the shop and she requested an officer call her back.

Someone allegedly cut a cable and stole an adult tricycle.

Four men and a dog were allegedly involved in a fight on East Idaho Street. One man took off on a bicycle, two men in a car and the fourth, who seemed intoxicated, remained at the location.

Someone claimed to smell a “drug lab” in an apartment where a child lived. Dispatchers advised the caller about contacting the Northwest Montana Drug Task Force.

A white minivan reportedly keeps parking in a man’s driveway.

Someone calling from U.S. 2 W. reportedly thought a camper in a parking lot, a pumpkin on the ground and a dog chained up near it had been abandoned because they knocked on the door and no one answered.

Four cows were spotted in a ditch about 20 yards from the highway.

A man accidentally dialed 911 while trying to turn off his alarm.

Tools were reported stolen from a construction site.

Someone allegedly slashed all the tires on a man’s vehicle.

A woman in a van reportedly tailgated someone and flipped them off before pulling into a cigarette store.