Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Attitude doesn’t get campers far

| October 14, 2020 12:00 AM

Two men chose the wrong parking lot to camp out in, when a property manager allegedly asked them to pack up their tents and leave, but instead, they gave the manager an attitude, so he asked Kalispell Police Department to banish them from a swath of property and stores along U.S. 93 North.

A business was having someone check out plumbing issues, which reportedly resulted in “needles and such” being found in a tank.

An employee thought a man screaming and yelling was on drugs and wanted officers to check the area.

Another call came in about a different man who was heard yelling and screaming. This man, however, told officers he was just yelling at someone across the street and would move along and “keep it calm the rest of the night.”

A woman reportedly heard screaming and banging around told officers she and her son were just watching a movie and denied any disturbance.

A woman who refused to leave a store was allegedly yelling and swearing at other customers.

A grocery store manager reportedly had trouble moving along homeless people and panhandlers, and needed assistance from police.

Someone was allegedly concerned about fire trucks being able to access a fire hydrant located on an unmarked curb because vehicles were parking in front of it.

A passerby wanted officers to check on the welfare of a child who was reportedly on a corner with a sign begging for money. The child told the passerby their mother was sleeping in a car and they just became homeless.

A man wearing red face paint and women’s clothing reportedly knocked on someone’s back door for the second time this week.