Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Cane can’t hold back angry elder

by Daily Inter Lake
| September 5, 2020 12:00 AM

The Kalispell Police Department received a call about a man who walks with a cane, who threatened to “bash the clerk’s head in” at a business.

An employee at a Kalispell pizza place accidentally left a nozzle off a gas tank and spilled approximately 60 gallons of diesel.

A woman got in a car accident, but then she said she had too much “shopping to do” to wait around for assistance from law enforcement.

A grandparent accidentally locked an 18-month-old child in a car.

An elderly man got his debit card stuck in an ATM, and no one at his bank would respond to his call.

A male driver apparently has been harassing a female road flagger for a month. The obnoxious driver reportedly drives through the construction area whenever the woman is working, rolls down his window and stares at her. He also had been reported for getting out of his vehicle and approaching her twice.

A man said four people pulled a knife on him, but he gave two completely separate locations when he was asked where the incident occurred.

A person dozing in a parking lot explained she has insomnia, so she chose to sleep in her car.

A white Lexus was spotted driving very slowly in a neighborhood, so a resident thought the driver was “casing” houses in the area.

A guest at a nearby Airbnb allegedly parked in a neighboring woman’s driveway and became “disorderly” when she confronted him about his parking.

A stump was smoldering in a park.

A woman who appeared to be homeless was seen on a street corner, “screaming and cussing.”

Guests at a vacation rental told the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office someone approached them while they were walking home from downtown Bigfork. They were worried the person who approached them had followed them back to their lodging and was waiting outside, but they were too afraid to look out their window for 20 minutes after they got home.

Someone sat in the parking lot of a Columbia Falls bar for 20 minutes, playing music so loud it allegedly was able to shake the caller’s house. The hard rocker agreed to turn down his music.

Two cars showed up at a race track and the drivers said they “wanted to look around,” but when they were told the track was private property, they left.

A woman who has an ongoing issue with a neighbor’s dog noticed the cover of her air-conditioning unit was missing. She suspected the dog-owning neighbor had taken it “in retaliation” for her canine complaints.