Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Duo doesn't let sleeping dogs lie

| September 6, 2020 12:00 AM

A man told Kalispell Police Department that he and his girlfriend were assaulted in a parking lot. He alleged that he went into the mall and left his dogs in the car for 20 minutes when two people in a black truck confronted him. They reportedly pushed him against his car and grabbed his girlfriend, pinning her arms behind her back, and then tried to take his dog. The parties yelled at each other until the two people finally drove away in their truck. No injuries were reported.

Another dog-related incident was reported when a woman claimed two people confronted her and yelled at her about controlling her dog when she walked into a building. She told officers “these two will yell at her” and then vandalize her property a few days later.

Someone reportedly saw a crash in a parking lot and thought both drivers were intoxicated and shouldn’t be driving. The drivers were seen talking and then leaving on Woodland Park Drive.

A man allegedly hired a company to move the contents of his house from Texas to Kalispell, but only a partially filled truck arrived with 90% of his belongings missing.

A store manager wanted a woman wearing a fanny pack and red sweater moved along because she was throwing stuff around. The employee and store security claimed she was not understanding them and thought she could possibly be on under the influence of drugs. She was taken to the hospital.

A woman claimed she was being harassed by her boyfriend’s sister who kept “blowing up” her phone and wouldn’t stop harassing her after being told to stop.

A shirtless man with a large black bag was counseled about his behavior and moved along because he was yelling.