Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Letters to the editor Sept. 7

| September 7, 2020 12:00 AM

Setting the tone

I work at Kalispell Middle School in the capacity of a mental health therapist. We have been in school for a full week now, and school is happening under very different circumstances than any one of us has ever experienced — as adults and as children.

Our community needs to know what a wonderful job the children at KMS are doing being responsible and respectful about wearing their masks while in school.

Good job parents, good job community in setting the tone for kind, responsible and respectful behavior. Wearing a mask all day is uncomfortable and different. These children are handling this with grit and grace. Thank you for letting us know your children.

—Gretchen Brown, Kalispell

Do you feel safe?

I just watched the Republican convention and the theme that ran throughout seemed to be if you don’t re-elect President Trump you will not be safe. Well we have had four years of the Trump Administration and I don’t feel that our country is in a very safe place now, do you?

Because of the chaotic federal response to Covid-19 there are more than 180,000 dead. President Trump can praise his response, but watching the interviews where he says it will go away, suggesting we should try drugs that could be harmful, not strongly encouraging people to follow CDC guidelines, not wearing a mask doesn’t seem praiseworthy!

Because of the lack of a strong response and example from his administration we cannot open many of our schools and our economy is in a terrible recession. 180,000-plus dead is not a success.

Now we have people protesting in the streets. People of color are asking for long overdue changes. Systemic racism needs to be addressed in our country, but President Trump is not addressing it. His failure to challenge hate groups and conspiracy theorists has helped empower them and make them more dangerous.

When protests turn violent they need to be controlled, but sending in the troops is the easy solution. Trying to address and understand the underlying conditions that cause such violent responses is the hard work that needs to be done in order to make the meaningful changes that will improve our society.

In the four years of the Trump administration there has been nothing done about guns in our society. Right-wing groups feel comfortable bringing assault weapons to public gatherings and intimidating others. Law enforcement can’t make a simple traffic stop without assuming that there may be a gun in the car. I don’t feel safe shopping when the customer next to me is armed, do you?

School shootings, synagogue shootings all done by citizens with guns, not terrorists. Yet this administration has allowed an A rating from the NRA to be a reason for re-election, end of discussion. Nothing done. One more reason not to feel safe.

Four years and nothing done and no reason to feel safe. Think about that when you vote please.

—Marcia Peck, Bigfork

Don’t blame Trump

Today’s fairytale from Democrats and their mainstream media propagandists: President Trump has mismanaged the COVID-19 pandemic, has no national plan and is responsible for 170,000 deaths.

This is, of course, absurd!

The facts: On Jan. 29, 2020, Trump banned travel from China and later from Europe to prevent spread of the corona virus to the U.S. He was called a racist, but his action saved American lives. He formed a Coronavirus task force to provide scientific information and recommendations, and to keep Americans informed.

Trump’s National COVID-19 policy has been clear from the outset: Rather than a one-size-fits-all federal mandate, each of the 50 state governors would be in charge of their individual state’s response. The federal government worked closely with all the governors to inform them of the scientific information, determine their needs and provide support. New York and California governors said “Trump delivered for us.” Initial shortages of supplies and testing were inevitable, but quickly resolved.

Trump created a Operation Warp Speed vaccine task force that promises to have a vaccine in record time, and he implemented the Defense Authorization Act to get needed medical equipment manufactured.

Resurgence of the virus after the lock-down is predictable, but blaming the president is inappropriate and despicable.

—Kathryn L. Johnson, Polson

Turning Point USA

It is obvious that Ms. Burns is against free speech (Sept. 3).

She is also lying about Turning Point USA (TPUSA). It is not a dangerous organization like ANTIFA, who are promoting all the rioting in our closest cities like Portland and Seattle and other cities. ANTIFA is backed by the Democrats and Communists.

TPUSA is promoting conservative thought on campuses, but I guess that is dangerous, whereas communist thought is not.

What do I know, this is just the opinion of a deplorable.

—William Harrison, Bigfork