Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Candle sparks concern in C-Falls

| September 10, 2020 12:00 AM

A neighbor was very worried about a candle she saw in a garage. She thought the candle could start a fire and she also told the Columbia Falls Police Department she found “the situation very strange.” The police apparently investigated the candle-lighting and determined it was not a hazard.

Someone in Columbia Falls was worried about a possible fire, but it turned out a coffee pot was just giving off a lot of steam.

A Columbia Falls homeowner complained about a blue Buick that parked on their property in the morning, but by the time law enforcement showed up to investigate the situation, the suspect vehicle was gone.

A driver saw a tarp fly off the back of a dump truck and get tangled on power lines. He said he didn’t see any sparks or flames coming off of the power lines. Flathead Electric Co-op was soon able to get the tarp off of the lines.

A woman accidentally sold her vehicle with her license plates still on the vehicle, and an officer promised to try to find the buyer to return the plates to the seller.

A mother apparently passed by a bar on her way to a grocery store and noticed four men outside with alcoholic beverages in their hands. She wanted to know if it was legal for them to be outside with the drinks. She also mentioned she was concerned about their use of profanity because she apparently had a child with her. The men reportedly went back inside the bar.

A homeless woman was extremely upset on the phone because she accidentally locked her keys in her vehicle, where she keeps all her belongings. An employee of an unspecified business was able to open her car for her.