Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Letters to the editor Sept. 10

| September 10, 2020 12:00 AM

Batavia intersection

I know that MDT desires roundabouts so we can appear as sophisticated as Europeans. So I expect that is what will be built regardless of public opinion.

The big error that was made on the U.S. 93 bypass is the S curves entering the roundabout distract drivers who at that moment should be concentrating on the traffic. The other error is that the roundabouts are about three times too small. There needs to be enough room in each segment of the roundabout to accommodate at least two of the largest vehicles likely to use it plus room for a safe following distance and space to merge.

To be successful, traffic should be able to flow smoothly without ever having to stop.

—Gerry Hurst, Marion

Vote in person

Do you the people of Flathead County think you are being scammed in the upcoming election? I do, when the county commissioners declared we can only vote by mail. Tell me, why could we go to the fair, rodeo and concert, the kids can go to school, we can go to restaurants and shop wherever we choose, but cannot vote in person?

It seems like to me — and we are the people who elected the two who proclaimed this — are certainly in the governor’s pocket.

It’s probably too late for a change but I am not comfortable with the situation, I don’t see it as a fair election, but it’s all about politics and for some they just play that game.

—Glen Hook, Kalispell

Mail voting is secure

I urge you to stand up and speak out against the Trump campaign and major components of the Republican party including the Montana Republican State Central Committee which has filed a lawsuit challenging the voting plan for the general election.

This is sheer madness and a greedy grab for power which would, in effect, severely limit, deter or inhibit a citizen’s right to vote in a sane and safe way during this pandemic.

It is well-researched and proven that voting by mail is safe and secure. Voting by mail makes it possible for persons living in rural areas, the elderly, persons who are ill or disabled, people who work full time and are also parents to vote without risking their lives, their safety or their jobs. The current plan allows Montana counties all-mail elections in November. It is sound and supports all citizens.

The people have already spoken - 46 counties have selected mail-in options. Don’t let the Trump campaign and the Republican party keep Montanans from voting.

—Sue Kronenberger, Helena

Patriots of the highest order

I am nearly 80 years old. I’m a Vietnam War combat veteran. I’ve spent nearly my entire adult life in service to our country.

I do not consider myself a “sucker” or a “loser,” just a rather ordinary American. When my father-in-law and his friends fought in World War II, they were neither “suckers” nor “losers.”

I was a National Park Service volunteer at the Korean War Veterans Memorial on the National Mall. When those veterans are brought to their Memorial by Honor Flights, they do not see themselves as “suckers” or “losers.” And the men and women that served in Desert Storm or have endured multiple combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan are neither “suckers” nor “losers.” They are all patriots of the highest order.

I’m reminded of the story of Lieutenant Colonel Don Carlos Faith, (U.S. Army) killed in action on Dec. 2, 1950, leading the breakout from the east side of the Chosin Reservoir. He was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor by President Truman, presented to his wife by General Omar Bradley. His remains were part of a group recovered in 2004, identified through DNA in 2012, and buried in Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors in April 2013. To paraphrase Captain Paul Benfield who commanded the Old Guard company that day: “Whether you served 30 years or three, whether killed in action this year or over 60 years ago, or simply lived a long life after your years of service, this nation will see that you are honored with the respect and dignity you deserve.”

Where is that respect and dignity today? How can any patriot, or “patriot” abide the current Commander in Chief?

—Hank Beebe, Columbia Falls

Sporting events

I am a confused Montanan. Can anyone help me understand. We are not allowed to attend our loved one’s high school football games but we can attend concerts, rodeos, derby’s and now monster truck shows at the fairgrounds? Sitting shoulder to shoulder? What is the difference?

These school events are one-time memories for a lot of us grandparents. It’s bad enough that the student only gets two passes for their relatives. So they are left with the guilt of who goes and who doesn’t. And don’t try to rationalize it with “watch it online.” That type of attending a memorable event is not anywhere the same.

I don’t blame the schools. But we need to wake up and start standing up for common sense. If the city/county health department says no crowds at sporting events then why do they allow crowds at our fairgrounds? Money?

—Jo Anne Holland, Kalispell