Tuesday, September 29, 2020

911 caller doesn’t want help after all

| September 12, 2020 12:00 AM

An intoxicated man in his 60s called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office because he was having chest pains. However, he refused medical assistance and warned the dispatcher that first responders would “never find him.” He also accused the dispatcher of calling him first, but he eventually admitted he had initiated the call.

Two intoxicated men with flashlights got into a fight, but they told a bystander they were just playing Marco Polo. An officer drove through the area and reported all was quiet.

A former employee was allowed to retain possession of a set of keys to a business, even after he stole a golf cart. Later, he was suspected of stealing a brand-new chain saw from the same business, after he was seen “eyeballing” the chain saw earlier in the day.

A man was banging on doors and screaming to be let into a mobile home while the only person home was a 15-year-old girl. It turned out to be a “misunderstanding,” as the angry outsider had the wrong mobile home.

Someone said their vehicle was broken into, but it turned out they left the car unlocked overnight.

A woman thought her neighbor was shooting into his woods because he was upset with her, so she asked the Sheriff’s Office to call her neighbor to find out why he was upset. An officer informed her the neighbor was shooting safely so they wouldn’t force him to speak to law enforcement, but the woman was unhappy with this conclusion.

A man called 911 just to “see if it worked.” It did.

A man left the permanent plates on a vehicle he sold in January, and then the vehicle was subsequently stolen and turned up in Washington state. He was informed the plates had been seized and would be destroyed.

A woman was banging on doors and yelling at people at a business. She told the manager she could “go wherever she wants” but she was formally forbidden by the Sheriff’s Office from returning to the business.