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Woman fears missing out on HOA meeting

| September 13, 2020 12:00 AM

A woman reportedly wanted the Kalispell Police Department to come over and check with her neighbors to see if they were having a homeowner’s association meeting without her. When she was advised that would be a civil issue, she claimed the neighbor’s were videotaping her from across the street and wanted to pursue stalking charges.

Dispatchers called back an abandoned 911 call and spoke to a man who said he was in the shower. He reportedly became upset with dispatchers because he didn’t understand why he had to answer “all these questions when he accidentally called 911,” noting he was “a nice guy.”

A man was allegedly walking around breaking glass and eating it. He was also said to be throwing rocks at cars driving by and snorting things off the sidewalk. He was taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

A crash involving two vehicles occurred at Begg Park Drive and Airport Road and turned into a disturbance in front of a school when a man allegedly threatened to shoot people.

A man was reportedly passed out in a bathroom with a needle in his hand

Three possibly intoxicated men made an employee nervous when they allegedly showed up in a white car and were rummaging through the truck of a person who had been arrested earlier. The employee said it appeared the men were taking things out and stashing them in bushes.

Someone reportedly walked out with chicken from a deli without paying.

A 2016 blue Yamaha ATV was reported stolen, and in the process, someone’s trailer was allegedly damaged.

Someone was reportedly suspicious of a man wearing snow pants, a backpack, paintbrushes and a hammer on a string. The person thought the man might be a transient having mental health or drug issues and asked if officers could check on him because “something was not right with him.”

A backpack was found containing needles and pill bottles.

Someone purportedly thought there was “strange traffic” in the neighborhood when a man and woman kept transferring packages between vehicles and another person came out of an apartment with fishing gear. The person didn’t think they lived there.

A door handle on a vehicle was broken off.

A campfire and a smartphone were discovered near railroad tracks. The phone was picked up for safekeeping.