Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Man can’t get a cab, so he called 911

| September 15, 2020 12:00 AM

A man complained to dispatchers that he reportedly tried to call a taxi cab service for the last 15 minutes, but couldn’t get through. When asked if he was having an emergency, he said he wasn't, but thought the cab company “might be having an emergency because they were not answering.” Dispatchers advised him that cab companies have not been in service due to COVID-19. He retracted his complaint.

Although a bald man wasn’t doing anything in particular — other than reportedly sitting in the backseat of a vehicle with no shirt on — someone “felt it was suspicious,” and told the Kalispell Police Department they were concerned because children were around.

An “extremely hostile and highly uncooperative” man reportedly called 911 and swore at dispatchers about being kicked out of a shelter and was upset because they wouldn’t give him his charger.

A possibly intoxicated man called 911 and used vulgar language to report a motel wouldn’t rent rooms to him. Dispatchers advised him this was not a 911 emergency and gave him the non-emergency phone number. Dispatchers disconnected after he said “he could take up all the time he wanted on 911.”

A passerby on the highway requested officers check on the welfare of a blonde woman possibly sleeping in a lawn chair on the other side of a guard rail. Turns out she was OK.

A man allegedly kept trespassing at a location despite being told several times he couldn’t be there, so an employee called police to report that he was at the front entrance with a walking stick. He was moved along.

A white pickup and trailer with no license plates reportedly ran over cones and parked on a lawn where it was abandoned.

An intoxicated man was allegedly threatening employees after being removed from a location twice that day and then threatened to beat the manager up when he asked him to leave.

Two women were reportedly hitting each other on Rosewood Drive.