Sunday, April 11, 2021

Law roundup: Man blows up after woman blows horn

| April 3, 2021 12:00 AM

A woman said she accidentally honked her car horn at a man, and he responded by coming up to her car and yelling at her. He was apparently counseled by the Kalispell Police Department.

Four people — two of them carrying skateboards — were reported for allegedly smoking on school property, but it turned out they were on private property.

A woman called to complain about callers who had access to her personal information. She was advised “to stop talking to them when she does answer the phone.”

A trespasser slept on someone’s front porch for three days in a row before law enforcement asked him to move along.

A woman said there was someone on her property, and even though she couldn’t see his face, she was “confident” it was a man who wasn’t allowed to be there. However, the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office investigated and determined “at this point it does not appear a violation occurred.”

An unlicensed man who said he was a private investigator in Tennessee asked for warrant information about a local man. His questions were answered.

A woman said she didn’t have an emergency, but her neighbors were playing music so loud it woke her up. She decided to just try to go back to sleep. Officers who checked the area said they didn’t hear any music.

A man wanted a woman to leave the property of a retail store. However, when officers asked about his authority to remove her from the area, the caller apparently “got angry...and stopped answering questions.” He didn’t pick up when officers tried to call him back.