Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Law roundup: Residents jumpy about kids' trampoline antics

| April 7, 2021 12:00 AM

Kalispell Police Department responded to a report of kids jumping off the roof onto a trampoline in the area of Darlington Drive. Officers drove through the area and didn’t see anyone jumping off a roof.

About three hours later, someone called claiming they were watching 8- to 10-year-olds jumping from the single-story roof onto the trampoline. The mischievous youths were also reportedly peeing off the roof and mooning each other and the caller was “done with them exposing themselves,” and was bothered that other neighborhood children might see their impish behavior.

A man on a motorcycle, who was wearing a face mask with a skeleton on it, reportedly had a gun and appeared to be threatening an older man and woman in a vehicle. The person calling in the report said it seemed to be a small confrontation as he had children with him and left. Kalispell Police Department made contact with the man who said he had his BB gun and was out joking with his parents, which they corroborated. Officers warned the man about his behavior and the danger of his actions.

A dog allegedly jumped all over a woman sitting at a picnic table and she told officers that when her friend asked the dog’s owner to put a leash on it, he told her friend to put on a leash. She said the man reportedly lived in the same apartment complex as her.

Someone was suspicious a man was casing houses. Police spoke with the person who said he was not doing anything illegal, only acting suspiciously.

A man was reportedly pounding hard enough on someone’s door that dispatchers could hear it over the phone. The resident told dispatchers they had to call law enforcement a few days ago on a similar incident.

A man driving a Jeep allegedly went into the ditch several times.

A woman was reportedly screaming “a bunch of cuss words” and shoving someone in a gas station parking lot.

A guest at a vacation rental called the owner of the residence about a man knocking on her front door and told her to call 911 and hid. She told officers she could see him through a security camera. The incident may have resulted in someone being taken to jail.

A man wanted to fill out a report regarding his brother allegedly assaulting him.

A white goat toured the town when someone on Mountain View Drive in Evergreen saw it by an intersection and then running across the street. The person told Flathead County Sheriff’s Office they had no idea where the goat came from and they were not able to contain it.

A woman calling from roughly 6 miles into Jewel Basin was allegedly afraid to get into her vehicle because she thought it would flip. It wasn’t known if the vehicle was on the edge of a cliff or the side of a ditch because she said it was too dark to see. The woman said she was sort of dressed for the weather, as a tow was probably not available for a while. She said there was more cold-weather gear in the vehicle, but she was still afraid it would flip if she opened the door.

A passerby in Kalispell allegedly saw a black beat-up sedan with tinted windows pull over and let their dog out to chase a herd of elk.

A Lakeside property owner on Sunrise Lane claimed a contractor cut a tree on their property and damaged a fence.