Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Law roundup: Porta potty is not man’s house

| April 8, 2021 12:00 AM

Kalispell Police Department received a report from a man who allegedly had an employee call about a transient man trying to live in a porta potty. The man, however, was not trying to make the potty home sweet home and was using it for its intended purpose.

A neighborhood cat kept prowling around someone’s house and attacking their cat. The suspect was described as white with brown and gray patches all over its body.

A silver Ford Taurus with its trunk open allegedly chased an employee through a grocery store parking lot, tried to run them over and then drove away on the wrong side of the road. Officers spoke with the employee, who said the man yelled something about harassment and stealing a sign from the police station before attempting to run them over.

A woman allegedly saw her daughter jumped by girls during a school function and then parents started to “stir things up.” Parties were separated.

A rental car reportedly was stolen by a man who was getting a ride from a woman after she parked at a location and went inside to drop something off to a friend. She told officers “everything she owned,” including her phone and purse were in the car, which was a gray Honda Civic. She said the car had 81 miles’ worth of gas in the tank and the man said something about going to Lakeside or Bozeman.

Someone thought officers should check on a man with bleached orange or pink hair who looked like a “tweaker.” They said the man had a bottle of vodka and was hanging off a fence by tennis courts and then lying by basketball courts.

A woman, who was not home, heard her dogs barking and saw a neighbor breaking into her apartment through a video doorbell camera, through which she tried talking to him until he damaged it.

A customer at a fast food drive-thru called police under the suspicion that plastic totes a man was throwing away in the dumpster might be stolen because he was not wearing a uniform.

A maroon-colored truck with out-of-state plates was involved with furniture a manager found left at the business’ dumpsters.

A bunch of needles, a broken pipe and a lighter were strewn around a plastic bag in the roadway as if someone threw the debris out of a car window.

Someone claimed their father told them to call 911 because his girlfriend was throwing stuff at him. The incident was deemed verbal only by Columbia Falls Police Department.

Someone wanted an abandoned camper with flat tires towed away because it had been sitting on Second Street since January and was an eyesore.

Someone’s daughter allegedly saw a little boy hiding under a trampoline who was screaming, “Don’t hurt me,” and a man was also screaming on Crescent Drive.

A woman called to report her husband’s gold class ring with a mother of pearl stone was missing from her jewelry box and was possibly last seen two months ago.

A passerby on the truck route called police to report a woman standing on a corner who was purportedly “filming” a plant and thought she shouldn’t be doing it. The woman was on public property and wasn’t violating any laws, according to police, but the passerby thought she should be wearing a jacket that said “press.”

Flathead County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint from someone on Sunset Drive in Kalispell who said the neighborhood was sick of the noise caused by a man starting up a vehicle with “straight pipes” at 5 a.m. The neighbor alleged the vehicle modification was not street legal.

A man calling on behalf of his wife alleged a vehicle parked in front of a “no parking, vehicles will be towed” sign she put up on a property fence on Wishert Lane in Coram and wanted officers to contact her.

Someone on Canyon Branch Road in Columbia Falls found what he thought was trash dumped on their property was instead a bunch of clothing and several suitcases.

A tall, skinny man was seen walking with a short, “not skinny” man in the Ashley Lake area and raised a woman’s suspicions when they waved flashlights like they were expecting her to pick them up. She thought the bulky man may have had stuff under his clothing. Deputies made contact with the men, who claimed their truck got stuck by a campground. They were dropped off at a Kalispell residence.

Rocks were “flying all over” and gravel was falling everywhere from a dump truck with its gate down on U.S. 93.