Thursday, August 05, 2021

Law roundup: Neighbors sound off over dispute

by Daily Inter Lake
| April 15, 2021 12:00 AM

A barrage of loud music was the result of an ongoing property dispute.

Someone called the Columbia Falls Police Department to report three children under the age 5 playing in the street.

Someone called back to report a 911 dial was from their posterior.

Someone reported money was missing from the home.

A mistaken 911 call came from the fire chief’s wife.

A man found a brown and camo backpack in the parking lot next to the animal hospital and turned it in.

Several calls came in about the loud music at the bowling alley.

A woman was advised of the park hours and then moved along.

A lodge employee called 911 to report a bear sighting in Whitefish. He said it was near where the plows are parked, but wasn’t sure if it was a grizzly or a black bear.

An apologetic man turned off his iPhone when he dialed 911.

A woman called police claiming she paid for a hotel room, but they never gave her the room.

A hotel manager wanted a woman removed from the location because she was screaming and yelling and waking up customers. She was removed and trespassed.

Someone reported seeing curtains moving, but wasn’t sure if men or women were inside.

A caller reported feeling intimidated by a neighbor.

A teen and his 90-year-old grandmother were in an argument, but they were later separated for the night.

A woman said she was going to sleep on her front porch tonight and appreciated the extra patrol.

A man arrived at the Whitefish Police Department and wanted an officer to give him a breathalyzer test.

A woman reported finding a service dog, but it turned out to be the neighbor’s canine. When an officer asked her what could be done, she replied “They can keep on praying for me.”

A woman called and needed an air hug. She said she didn’t need an officer to stop, but she just lost another loved one and was appreciative of the dispatcher for picking up the phone and talking to her.