Friday, May 07, 2021

Law roundup: Man hoofs it after stealing stuffed animal

| April 25, 2021 12:00 AM

Kalispell Police Department responded to a report that a transient purportedly stole a stuffed mountain goat from a gift shop. Officers made contact with the man and he was banned from returning to the location.

A bald man with a pocket knife on his belt reportedly returned to a store he was banned from and was stuffing merchandise in the blue and black jacket he was wearing.

Someone in Depot Park had questions about city ordinances regarding open containers.

A man in a black Suburban with a knocked-out window allegedly sped into a parking lot and parked by a dumpster where he appeared to be yelling at a female passenger. He then got out of the vehicle and was throwing things around and hitting something inside. The man then appeared to be locked out of the vehicle, continued yelling through the window and someone thought they saw him getting a rifle out of the backseat. Officers made contact with the man who said the incident was verbal only and that he got out of the car and started walking “before it escalated.” He allegedly advised police about a warrant and said he was “working on it.”

Extra patrol was requested by a man after a woman pulled into his driveway in a silver car he didn’t recognize and stopped to talk on her phone before leaving earlier that morning.

A woman dealing with identity theft wanted to add more information to her report that people were still trying to steal her identity.

A man on Oregon Street in Kalispell was reportedly concerned someone was parking “increasingly closer to his fence,” thinking they were “trying to taking it out.” The Flathead County Sheriff’s Office advised him that the incident described was not illegal and both agreed no crime had been committed. The man was also counseled on the difference between a neighbor parking and criminal actions.

Two Kalispell residents reportedly received phone calls from people fraudulently claiming to either be with the U.S. Marshals or a social security officer and tried to get them to confirm the last four digits of their social security numbers.

A rental on Gentry Way in Columbia Falls was fraudulently posted as available on Craigslist and the owners had received a call inquiring about renting it. They were advised to post that the other post was fake and flag it.

A woman calling from Skid Trail in Bigfork complained about people calling deputies when she has company over because the guests park by a hydrant and “just wanted it noted” that she spoke to the fire chief who allegedly explained there was no issue with her guests parking in front of her house and possibly blocking the fire hydrant.

Someone on Hems Road in Columbia Falls had a civil complaint reportedly about a man who had not come to retrieve a vehicle from their property that they had traded for wood last fall despite giving him the title, bill of sale and keys.

A very agitated person on Somers Road allegedly reported more than a week ago that a man in a white vehicle goes to a bar and leaves drunk every night and they had yet to see an officer come to the location and “catch the guy driving drunk.” They asked for just one deputy to come by.