Friday, May 07, 2021

Law roundup: Woman spooked by leaking camper

| April 26, 2021 12:00 AM

A property manager wanted Kalispell Police Department to check out a scary-looking camper with two orange stripes on it that had been abandoned on the property four days ago and was leaking something before they had it towed. The man listed on a bill of sale found in the window was contacted and he claimed he sold it years ago to his brother who sold it to someone else.

Someone wanted an officer to call them regarding signs being held up at Depot Park they felt “were racist.”

Adults passing by three teens holding signs for trans right were reportedly being harassed by adults passing by, according to someone concerned for their safety after seeing someone throw water at them, trucks “revving their tires,” and vehicles driving close to them in a turn lane. Officers said the groups appeared “to be getting along fine.”

Someone wanted to know if a cruise was a sanctioned event because they believed it was “getting out of hand.”

A man, who didn’t provide his name, allegedly wanted to make a “911 report” against the police department and was yelling profanities before telling dispatchers “to never call this phone number again” and hung up.

Someone requested extra patrol because two men were allegedly “not doing well cognitively” when one of the men appeared to be upset and was throwing things and yelling at birds. Officers were unable to locate the men based on the shopping cart at the scene.

A man, who was wearing one tennis shoe and one boot, was reportedly trying to hit vehicles with a shopping cart by Gateway Community Center. A security guard told officers the man had been removed from the property several times since October and refused to leave after being reminded he wasn’t welcome and wanted to pursue charges for trespassing. The man was formally advised he was banned from the property and dropped off near the fire department.

A woman who allegedly lived in a motel knocked on someone’s door, “cursing them out.” The person claimed to have seen children being neglected and a boy falling face first. The person called back later to report a man said he was going to beat them up. Officers were unable to locate the room from a description give and there was no answer, or voicemail, when they called the person about the report.

A woman was reportedly driving a silver vehicle with two baby passengers all over the road, almost hitting someone who “exchanged words” with them at the stoplight. The woman said she was going to beat the person up.