Saturday, July 31, 2021

Law roundup: Man's hunch about going to jail is correct

| April 28, 2021 12:00 AM

Someone called Kalispell Police Department to report a truck hitting a center divider and dispatchers could hear a man in the background asking them not to call 911 because he would go to jail if he got another ticket. He was taken to jail.

Disorderly teens who were kicked out of a store by an employee reportedly got into trucks and proceeded to run over garbage cans and drive recklessly through the parking lot. The employee requested officers advise the trio they couldn’t return to the store if contact was made.

A woman claimed a bearded man wearing a hat and green coat hit her dogs in the muzzle and threatened to continue beating them when they “ran up on him” in an alley; however, she said they remained on her property.

A man and woman were reportedly fighting physically and a night manager saw the man choking the woman when he went in front of a window. Officers located the suspect’s vehicle at an inn.

Three females allegedly had been harassing a teen at work and he told police he went home to find his room trashed and a note he believed they left for him.

A woman claimed her friend was punched in the face by a large man living next door.

A front desk employee requested extra patrol when tenants allegedly saw people in the parking lot using flashlights to look into vehicles and rooms and staff from a previous shift had already asked the group to move along. Officers drove through the area and everything appeared to be OK.

A very intoxicated man wearing a black hat purportedly cussed at a bartender who asked him to leave, spit on another man and threatened to beat up people if they tried to make him leave. Officers moved him along.

A man pushing a shopping cart allegedly was yelling and waving a long kitchen knife, but was not threatening anyone with it at the time. Officers made contact with him.

A woman driving a truck with pink rims and two children in tow allegedly screamed, threatened and followed someone from a store. The parties separated when the truck pulled away.

A woman was concerned that two teen girls sitting on a train overpass would have nowhere to go if a train showed up. The woman was relieved to learn the track was defunct.

A business owner called police after seeing two men looking into vehicle windows and then in the windows of her business after she left. When she returned they reportedly went into a vehicle and draped something black over the window.

A man allegedly left his phone in a hospital waiting room while getting checked in and another person sat down, acted oddly and then left. The man returned to find his phone, wallet, ID and credit cards were gone.

A store employee requested a welfare check on a man wearing a hat and a dirty white mask who seemed to be intoxicated or on drugs because he kept going in and out of a store and pacing around.

A dog was locked in a bathroom after it bit a 2-year-old and reportedly caused a puncture wound to the boy’s cheek, below his eye. Animal control impounded the dog.

A girl reportedly took a couple of cans of beer at a store and went into the bathroom. When she started to come out she saw someone watching her and went back in. She was released to an adult.

Someone told police their stepmom hit them in the shoulder so they hit her back and they started yelling at each other. Parties calmed down and separated.

A thin man allegedly stood outside the main entrance of a building where he refused to leave, yelled at a maintenance employee and then took a swing at them.

Staff purportedly heard the sound of a woman cutting tags and flushing them in the bathroom.