Friday, May 07, 2021

Law roundup: Caller wants to know legality of horse droppings

| April 29, 2021 12:00 AM

Someone calling the Flathead County Sheriff's Office from Many Lakes Drive wanted to know if it was legal for horses to defecate on the street without the riders cleaning it up.

A Bigfork man said he was having issues with trespassers and reportedly discovered a gate on his property had been shot 21 times. He claimed to have photos of the vehicle belonging to one of the trespassers who shot the lock off the gate.

Someone was reportedly trying to siphon gas out of a woman’s truck on Riley Lane in Kalispell.

A dog that couldn’t stop digging up a woman’s yard on Smith Lake Road in Kalispell was impounded.

Twenty people allegedly were circling a business on U.S. 2 in Kalispell and a manager, who claimed some of them were “not good people,” requested extra patrol or “undercover agents” to sit in the area because they were doing what they considered to be “odd behavior” and making females at the location uncomfortable.

Someone lost a bunch of hay on Ninth Street in Columbia Falls.

Someone reportedly attempted to break into a cabin on Elk Street in Coram and didn’t gain entry, but some rods used to secure an outer shutter were bent.

Someone thought a vehicle with beer cans around it appeared to have been dumped on Patrick Creek Road.

An employee told the Kalispell Police Department they saw a woman screaming at a man who was standing in a room with his hands up. They said they could only see the man through partly opened curtains and said a man was not registered to the room. The occupants left prior to the officer’s arrival. The employee was told to call back if there was a problem later.

A later problem did arise when the police were called again because the pair reportedly returned and the woman was screaming outside of the room she was registered to and the man was in the lobby making the employee uncomfortable. The employee asked the man for an ID, which he left to retrieve. Both the man and woman were moved along and told not to return.

A woman driving a Ford Explorer reportedly was weaving all over the road, speeding, and flipping people off as she passed in a “no-passing zone.” Officers counseled the woman on her driving. She claimed she was in a hurry trying to get to a school and “swore it was a passing lane.”

Someone called 911 and purportedly said, “What’s taking the fire truck so long when the alarm has been going off 15 minutes,” then said, “Never mind. I see them,” and hung up.

Someone reported three suspicious men in a fenced lot. The men turned out to be workers in a building that was being renovated.

The driver of a gray “lifted truck” with tinted windows was reportedly speeding, passing in the center turn lane and tailgating people.

A fifth-wheel camper allegedly remained in a parking lot for three days after being asked to leave by store staff and the occupants were now going from car to car asking people for money. The people were given an hour to remove the trailer.

Someone purportedly wanted officers to check out a damaged curb because a van was parking on it and leaving puddles of oil on the grassy area.

A woman wanted to report internet fraud when she allegedly made reservations through what ended up being another company and received a notice her reservation was canceled and money paid non-refundable. She contacted the motel, which did not have her reservation.

An intoxicated woman reportedly went to the business where her boyfriend worked and threatened employees.