Friday, May 07, 2021

Law roundup: Neighbor wants bees to buzz off

Daily Inter Lake | April 30, 2021 12:00 AM

An unhappy neighbor wanted the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office to help him move a bunch of bees. He said his neighbor ordered bees to harvest their honey, but they quickly dispersed all over his property and made him “extremely upset.”

A person in Somers sold a camper, but the buyer apparently wanted to return it and get a refund. The seller was worried the buyer would leave the camper on her property.

A vehicle owner complained that a mechanic failed to fix his car or refund his money. The mechanic asserted he needed to send back the parts for the repair before he could issue a refund. According to the report, “both parties claimed to have evidence supporting their side of the issue.”

A Columbia Falls man lost $840 in an overseas scam.

A woman inexplicably parked her truck in the middle of a road and curled up on her tailgate. Officers checked on her and determined she was fine, but asked her to move her vehicle.

A “very friendly” pit bull got loose in Kalispell and was soon found sleeping on someone’s porch.

A woman saw all the doors open at her mother’s abandoned house and suspected “maybe a homeless person is living there.” Law enforcement walked around the property but didn’t find any suspicious activity going on.

A woman with three social media accounts told the Columbia Falls Police Department someone was posting pornographic content on one of her pages.

A truck driver nearly hit a woman in Columbia Falls and then “mock[ed]” her when she drove away.