Sunday, September 19, 2021

Law roundup: Badger’s beady stare seen among trash

by Daily Inter Lake
| August 29, 2021 12:00 AM

A man called the Kalispell Police Department from outside a grocery store claiming a badger was staring at him from between trashcans. He was concerned that someone would get hurt if they got too close.

Later, the badger reportedly made its way to someone’s porch.

A heavyset woman was allegedly selling “vapors” to minors from a rundown house covered in weeds.

A “very shifty” man was reportedly captured on a woman’s security camera staring at her house. She said the creepy man had been seen in the area for the past several days.

A boy riding a bicycle allegedly fell into a window while hanging outside the mall with friends. Although he was not injured and left the scene, his friends wanted to report the accident.

A white stretch limo with expired license plates sat in a parking lot for three days.

An extremely intoxicated man drove a white truck into the river on the south side access of the old steel bridge and it had sunk about 10 feet.

About 10 to 20 people in a homeless camp located near a church were allegedly stealing supplies, leaving a lot of garbage and water running.

A woman saw her intoxicated ex walking through her front gate and was concerned because he previously threatened to burn the house down.