Sunday, February 28, 2021

Law roundup: Unauthorized food delivery halted

| February 11, 2021 12:00 AM

A Missouri woman’s Panera Bread account was reportedly hacked and someone in Kalispell was getting an unauthorized delivery. The woman provided the delivery address to the Kalispell Police Department in hopes they could catch the hungry thief. She also notified the restaurant, which prepared the food but did not send out the delivery. Officers attempted to contact someone at the address without success.

A woman reportedly answered her door thinking it was someone she knew only to find a stranger who tried to shove his way into her apartment. The man, who she claimed was high on drugs, then went next door and started pounding on a wall.

An employee reported a man clad in camo Crocs and khakis for trespassing when he allegedly kept opening the door to the business and yelling at customers who were trying to keep him out. At first, the business wanted officers to remind him he couldn’t be there rather than press charges, but the man couldn’t resist and returned. He was taken to jail.

An intoxicated man in a plaid coat was reportedly talking to himself, laughing and making people uncomfortable so bartenders stopped serving him and told him to leave. He refused to leave and yelled about the bartenders “making him drive drunk.” Officers told the man he couldn’t return to the establishment and should make arrangements to pick up his truck the next day. A later call came in, however, that he was across the street talking to himself, yelling and laughing, which made a woman uncomfortable. Officers advised him not to engage with anyone leaving the bar.

Someone thought a tall, heavyset man walking around a parking lot seemed disoriented.

A woman learned her mother’s wedding ring reportedly was stolen over a year ago. She told officers she hadn’t been able to see her mother, who has dementia, in over a year due to pandemic-related restrictions.

A man dressed in dark clothing on the corner of Fifth Avenue East North and Washington was allegedly yelling, which concerned someone who thought he might be suffering from mental illness.

A motel employee told officers a woman’s boyfriend reportedly left her there and wondered if an officer could drive her to the warming shelter because she had nowhere to go.

An employee was suspicious of a vehicle with no license plates that was parked two spaces away from them because they were the only staff member who was supposed to be working at the time and there had been past break-ins at the location. The vehicle moved along.