Sunday, February 28, 2021

Law roundup: Landlady’s complaint far from civil

| February 12, 2021 12:00 AM

A landlady called the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office about a disagreement with tenants that she apparently had reported to law enforcement many times before, even though it was, in fact, a civil issue. When she was reminded of this fact, she claimed the dispatcher was “violating her rights” and told him she “pays [his] wages.” She went on to complain that law enforcement only “help[s] the criminals and not the hard-working Americans.”

Someone called with a rather vague question “regarding a possible noise disturbance that may be happening in the future based off of last year’s event.”

A released inmate said he couldn’t stay compliant so he wanted to turn himself in. However, he was told he would not be booked back into the jail, and he was apparently disappointed with this outcome.

A minor found in possession of tobacco for the second time might be in even more trouble when the Columbia Falls Police Department called his grandmother to tell her about his transgression.

Someone on Ninth Street in Columbia Falls said she thought it was “too cold for a dog to be unattended in a vehicle.” However, law enforcement determined her concern was “unfounded” because the owner of the subject dog was periodically starting the car, and the pet didn’t “appear to be in distress.” Nonetheless, the caller reportedly wasn’t satisfied with this answer.

A driver on 11th Avenue in Columbia Falls was warned for failing to stop at a red light before turning right.

A man allegedly who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder could be overheard yelling in the background of his wife’s phone call to the police, but then he decided to leave the apartment for the night.

Someone in Columbia Falls reported a vehicle in the neighborhood that “seem[ed] to be playing on the ice.”