Sunday, February 28, 2021

Law roundup: Couple spooked by noisy screen door

| February 14, 2021 12:00 AM

A scared Kalispell woman and her boyfriend called Flathead County Sheriff’s Office after hearing two loud bangs and strange noises like someone was throwing or moving things around and thought there might be an intruder in the house. Turns out, the noise was coming from a screen door slamming.

Deputies received several calls from people concerned about dogs being left outside.

A business owner on U.S. 93 in Lakeside allegedly had problems with a woman who would come in with a service dog and fall asleep.

Kalispell Police Department received a report that a suspicious man with a hammer was approaching an unattended vehicle. Another man, who turned out to be the driver, also approached the vehicle. Officers made contact with the driver who said the man had borrowed the hammer from the owner of the vehicle.

A woman’s intoxicated husband allegedly punched a car and tried to break the windows.

A man reportedly stole two Dewalt Impact Driver drills and then got into the passenger side of a tan Volvo.

A man reportedly went inside a store and said he needed help to detox and was afraid of freezing to death. He was taken to the warming shelter.

Someone was concerned for employees of an ice cream shop because a man was allegedly going in and out of the business and he was with a strange-acting woman who had a cart full of items. The pair said they were waiting for the warming center to open.

A man was reportedly lying on the sidewalk for 20 minutes and people unsuccessfully tried to get him up.